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In 1964, Rev. O.G. Grotefend sat around a table with four boys at St. Andrews Lutheran Church and told them about Boy Scouts. Rev. Grotefend selected the number 499 for the Troop because his old Troop number was 99. The number 4 represents the District which our Troop is in. 56 years and 72 Eagle Scouts later, Troop 499 is still going strong.

Eagle Pledge

As an Eagle Scout, I realize my obligation to my fellow Eagles, my home, my country and my God. I will at all times do my best to assist other Scouts who are climbing the trail of the Eagle and to give back to scouting more than it has given to me, and to assist my troop as much as possible and to be a living example of the Scout Oath and law to the best of my ability.

Troop 499 has a long history of encouraging scouts to do their best, never give up, and reach for the top.Because of this, we have seen a lot of scouts persevere and earn scouting’s highest rank; Eagle Scout.

Below is a list of scouts that have achieved that goal and will always be counted as a Troop 499 Eagle Scout:

Gary Sams, 1968

Charles Glover, 1973

Jay Aviles, 1974

Alan Sams, 1974

Scott Swanson, 1974

Robert Gillen, 1976

Michael Hurst, 1976

Barry Lee, 1976

John Webb, 1976

Jeff Walters, 1977

Peter Rain, 1977

Hans Kahl, 1978

Michael Raczynski, 1978

C.H. Stallings, 1978

William Von Taborsky, 1978

Louis Zayecz, 1978

Mike Buckly, 1980

Andy Terezakis, 1980

Ben Agler, 1983

Howard Nelson, 1983

Chris Tatusko, 1983

Peter Von Taborsky, 1983

Tony Brown, 1985

James Ferguson, 1987

Matthew Ferguson, 1989

Richard Jackson,1992

Jeremy Sobon, 1993

Tim Cessna, 1993

Travis McDonald, 1995

Zachary Hosie, 1996

Jeffery Morrissey, 1997

Brian McCants, 1997

Craig Sammler, 1998

Raymond Sammler, 1998

Jared Hosie, 1998

John Schwenger, 1999

William Schwenger, 2000

Chris Shaouni, 2001

Andrew Bouchard, 2001

James Denmark, 2003

Gary Franklin, 2004

Michael LoBrutto, 2004

Alexander Kraus, 2004

Vijay Lal, 2004

Alexander Korson, 2005

Richard Woods, 2005

Aaron Korson, 2007

Rajiv Lal, 2007

Peter Kraus, 2007

Jeffery Bouchard, 2008

Garrett Vessels, 2009

Michael Kraus, 2009

Andrew Korson, 2009

Michael Haney, 2009

Alex Seavey, 2009

Bruce Hardy, 2009

Kraig Glenton, 2009

Joey Dorrington, 2012

Kyle Glenton, 2013

Chris Green, 2013

Scerick Longcope, 2014

Dakota Lund, 2016

Chris Finkin, 2017

Cole Lund, 2017

Andrew Villirreal, 2017

Michael Monterosso, 2017

Brandon Walker, 2017

Connor Furiato, 2018

Brandon Stockton, 2019

Kaelani Jackson, 2019

Khalil Jackson, 2019

Joseph Locklar, 2019

Kevin Rosiak, 2020

Gabriel Bowman, 2020

Marcus Lima, 2022

Jesse Gaither, 2022

Alex Golden, 2022

Derek Smith Nautel, 2023

Jayden Endres Gomez, 2023

Rio Lima, 2024

Tobias Clark, 2024


Pastor Randy Kennedy

Executive Officer
Pastor Randy

Pastor Randy

Chartered Organization Representative
Veronique Campbell

Veronique Campbell

Committee Chairman
Andre Lafabregue

Andre Lafabregue



Chili cook-off:

Join us for our 5th Annual Parents of Troop 499 chili cook-off fundraiser!

April 6th at the church, from 1-3 and 3-5 pm


Over 73% Supports Local Scouts.
August – September
Stay tuned for a link once sales go live

Christmas Trees:

Every November St Andrew’s Lutheran Church sells Fraser Fir trees and proceeds benefit the troop. Trees are showcased and open netted. Scouts will give your tree of choice a fresh cut and help load tree in your vehicle.

Camp cards:

2023 Camp Cards Coming March – April

Country Meat Sticks:

Throughout the year scouts sell Country Meat Sticks. There are 12 amazing flavors. When the troop sells these smoked snacks for fundraising they always sell out!

Troop 499 is having a Country Meats Fundraiser. Order Now



A scout is helpful.

Troop 499 has created a team to keep Port St Lucie Beautiful. As an Adopt-A-Street volunteer we remove litter along a mile of Prima Vista Blvd. once a month. We have collected several pounds of trash and earned volunteer hours while keeping our city beautiful.

Troop 499 Charter Organization

If you would like to join Troop 499 please attend one of our meetings. Troop meets 7PM on Tuesdays at St Andrew’s Lutheran Church located on the corner of NW Prima Vista Blvd and NW Curtis Street next to Sportsman’s Park.
295 N.W. Prima Vista Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

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